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Saturday, June 4th, 2022 | 8:00pm
Saint James Cathedral, Seattle
$30 General Admission
Pay-as-you-can for Students, Veterans, and those in financial need

Online tickets sales for this event have closed.
Night of (in person) ticket purchase is available at the North door (Marion & Terry) entrance.

Our recent experience with the Covid epidemic leads us to contemplate how the people of medieval Europe viewed such events. The themes of intercession and deliverance are central to Christian thought, and deliverance from sin, from pestilence, from adversity and from hardship, especially through the intercession of the saints, commonly finds expression in the music of the time. Visions, miracles, and direct interventions from the heavenly realm were part of popular culture and, reflecting a deep spirituality, were never far from the lived experience of believers. They provided consolation in times of loss and the promise of a better future. Help us celebrate our own deliverance by exploring its musical expression from times long past

At this time, we are requiring all singers, staff and audience members to be masked.