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Now Make We Mirthë

Unleashing the yuletide season, medieval style!
December 7, 2019 8:00 PM
Saint James Cathedral, Seattle

General admission & discount tickets still available at the door. 

In medieval Europe, the Christmas season was always celebrated in a big way. The harvest was in, and the short, cold days of winter were all the inducement needed to stay close to the fire and busy oneself with feasting, merriment and song. One type of song, the carol, was so frequently written with Christmas gatherings in mind that today we can hardly imagine any other kind. The joy of Christmas imbued church music as well with the same tuneful glow. The Medieval Women’s Choir tours England and the Continent to bring you the most inspiring music of the season.

Erika Chang, Marian Seibert, voice
Shulamit Kleinerman, vielle
Bill McJohn, harp
Peggy Monroe, percussion



Celebrating 30 years of the Medieval Women’s Choir
March 15, 2020 3:00 PM
Seattle First Baptist Church

$25 in advance
$15 student, military and veteran discount
$30 at the door

Thirty years ago, Margriet Tindemans founded the Medieval Women’s Choir on the premise that medieval music is as accessible as it is inspiring. She believed that any choral singer could learn to sing and to love this extraordinary repertoire and, through it, gain an appreciation and understanding of the culture that created it. Three decades on, Margriet’s choir, and her vision, continue to thrive. To celebrate our 30th season, we will revisit some of medieval repertoire most closely associated with the choir, as well as new pieces written for us over the years by Seattle composers Karen Thomas and Peter Seibert; by long-time MWC collaborator Shira Kammen; and by Margriet Tindemans herself.

With special guest, Shira Kammen.


A reception will follow the concert in the social hall of the church to thank our donors, subscribers, and supporters.

A Sequestered World

Love, contemplation and ecstasy behind the cloister walls
June 6, 2020 8:00 PM
Saint James Cathedral, Seattle

$25 in advance
$15 student, military and veteran discount
$30 at the door

Accustomed as we are to our bustling, secular lives, it can be difficult to imagine the richness of the world that developed behind the walls of the medieval cloister. Although they were under the absolute authority of the church, women there enjoyed an agency and self-direction that were hard to come by on the outside. Their most meaningful personal relationships and an often-profound spiritual renewal were tied to that community, and this autonomous life spawned religious practices and unique musical repertoires that are little-known today. Through their music, the Medieval Women’s Choir takes you behind the walls to experience the metaphysical landscape of the sequestered life.