About the Choir

“This music takes me to another place”


About the Choir

Founded in 1990, the Medieval Women’s Choir is the only non-audition Medieval choir for all who identify as women. We present this inspiring music through high quality performances accessible to all, and aim to increase the artistic abilities of the individual and the group in a friendly and supportive environment. We sing in many languages, with dialect variations from the period, along with translations, and perform with soloists and musicians using period instruments

Mission Statement

The mission of the Medieval Women’s Choir is to share, teach, preserve, and promote the transcendent music of the Middle Ages by providing an opportunity for women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to sing and perform these masterworks.

Vision Statement

To keep the tradition of singing and performing Medieval music alive today and for future generations



Honoring Women: Acknowledging the accomplishments of women in history, recognizing the contribution of women’s voices throughout history and giving a voice to the women of today.

Being part of Community: Within the choir: welcoming, encouraging, providing fellowship. Within the wider community of Seattle: bringing a new sense of music appreciation to the community through performances with our transcendent repertoire.

Being inclusive: Non-audition, all levels of singers, physically accessible

Educating and learning: Spreading appreciation of medieval music through outreach, historical scholarship, music education and training (theory, voice, modes, languages)

Sharing and collaborating: Seeking diversity, performing  with various other musicians conversant in the period